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Achieve Wellness with Whitney​​

FREE Consults: Are we the perfect match? Let’s find out! This exploratory session is your opportunity to get to know me, understand my approach, and weigh out your options.

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Wellness Package

Our wellness package includes two strategy sessions (one hour each) where we’ll dive deep, understand your challenges, and map out a clear path forward. Our intake forms are an integral part of the process and help me gain essential insights about you. You’ll also get an individualized health matrix to help you visualize your symptoms and health goals and target areas for improvement.

Our wellness package comes with one follow-up session to gauge your progress, refine strategies, and celebrate your triumphs. Please ask about additional follow-up sessions.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-ups are regular checkpoints to ensure you stay on track. These 30-minute sessions are vital feedback loops, helping us pivot and adapt as we progress on the wellness path.

Proactive Wellness Supplements

I invite you to go a step beyond conventional health supplements. Enjoy exclusive access to a range of curated, premium supplements with advanced cellular absorption technology backed by proven science. 

Health Talks

Knowledge is power! From enlightening workshops to community events in St. Louis, join me on a collective journey towards a healthier society. I can also host webinars and classes on basic steps towards wellness.

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Family Health

Family health package is designed with your loved ones in mind, providing solutions to keep everyone in your family thriving. I understand that every family is unique, that is why together we will come up with solutions to achieve success.

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